Link Marg, Kalanki-14 Kathmandu



Chairman Message


Mr. Raja Ram Khadka
Garima Cement Pvt. Ltd.

On behalf of Garima Cement Family, I would like to welcome all the interested stakeholders to our industry. It is a matter of pride that the nation is going to receive elegance in terms of product, service and quality. We hold a diverse team from banking to construction arena. On that matter our work etiquette, value, discipline will be completely targeted towards better result.

Our outstanding engineering, manufacturing process and routine testing assures standard product that are easy to use and readily available. The quality items we offer are marketed by diligent distribution channels utilizing every one of the methods accessible to upgrade the brands and guarantee they turn into a commonly recognized name in this competitive market.

Paradigm shift in technology and rapid globalization impregnate new challenges to the economy. On that matter we are not an exception, I together with our team are proactive on tackling such challenges with continued support and consent of our customers and business stakeholders.

In a nutshell, essential utilization of our product will be in the construction sector yet Garima Cement expects to play a role model for contributing to nation’s development.