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Portland Pozzolana Cement (PPC)

Garima Cement (PPC) is manufactured with high quality clinker and superior quality flyash. This has made it the prominent concrete for development of huge number of solid and robust structures. Fine particles of Garima Cement (PPC) when blended with water promptly shape a smooth glue, which results in a smooth surface. At the point when utilized with sand and combined it yields extremely solid and durable concrete. Garima Cement (PPC) creates increasingly strong cement and mortar which is likewise less inclined to isolation and dying. Because of this quality, Garima Cement (PPC) is appropriate for an auxiliary application. Utilization of predominant quality flyash in Garima Cement (PPC) not only decreases the rate of lime filtering from cement and mortar but also results in refined pore structure, diminished permeability and longterm quality gain. These properties make the structure solid, impermeable and resistant to synthetic assaults.

Garima Cement (PPC) is being utilized for various applications like lodging, business edifices, streets, wells, trenches, dams and so on which sets up our product as the favored decision of the perceiving client.


Characteristics of Garima Cement (PPC)

Unmatched qualities of Garima Cement (PPC) which frame the premise of sound and strong development are:

  • Better functionality because of spherical flyash particles and better droop retention
  • Better pumpability – gives increasingly firm concrete and mortar
  • Superfine particles give extraordinary completion to the structure
  • Diminished shrinkage and swelling
  • Better pore refinement, diminished permeability
  • Protection from corrosive attack on steel reinforcement
  • High compressive quality
  • High modulus of flexibility particularly at later ages
  • Enhanced suppression of cement to steel
  • Long term quality gain